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Complex Trauma

Traumatic experiences affect not only our mind, emotions, relationships, and belief systems, but also our body.  While many traumatic events are usually life threatening and involve physical harm, any situation that leaves you feeling frightened, fearful, alone, helpless, and/or unsafe is traumatic.  Our adaptive survival reactions of fight, flight, and freeze may become less adaptive as they become symptoms of everyday life.

There are also times when people live in a state of trauma and do not label it as trauma since it is not in their conscious awareness.  Maybe a person has experienced childhood abuse, whether it be physical, emotional, sexual, psychological, or grew up around addiction, was neglected by caretakers, had overly critical parents, witnessed domestic violence, or is unable to remember much of his/her childhood.  Some struggle with connecting to themselves and others in relationships.  Whatever the case may be, there could be unresolved trauma that can be addressed and healed.

Your traumatic experience(s) should not be minimized. Your experience is real and your pain is valid.

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